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New Chapter About To Begin July 29, 2010

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Todd and I are about to embark on yet another journey.  (Yes, Jane, Sandy, Lindsay, Cori, I used the work JOURNEY).  We leave for Albuquerque this weekend to find a new home.  Though I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, I must admit that my biggest emotion is EXCITEMENT!  I can’t wait to see what Albuquerque has for us.  I think I’m just ready for a change.  Of course I will miss my family and friends that have been conviently located for many years, and I still maintain that Todd will miss many things about Omaha.  We were both just talking about how much we’ll miss the fall.  Before Todd moved here he never had much of an Autumn season… all of you will have to send us pictures so we can live vicariously through you!  Anyway, I started this up when I got married, and every once in a while I’d resurrect it, now seems like another good time to resurrect it.  I’m not gonna lie, Facebook is getting on my nerves.  So I may just fully transition over to this again.  I’m not going to be under any illusion that people are actually going to READ my posting, but I figure if people want to know what’s going onwith the Cards, here’s a good place to look!