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Ah, the joys of technology! August 4, 2009

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So Todd and I did it, we are now official iPhone users. 

On Friday night we set out to get them, 30 mintues max we thought, and we’d be set! 2 hours later our minds were spinning, and Todd was mourning the loss of his California phone number, but we did finally have them in hand!  I woke up before Todd and I was just sitting in bed looking at apps on Saturday morning (yes, I am aware, borderline pathetic).  It’s crazy, they do literally have an app for just about everything.  I now have an app for where the cheapest gas is in town, how many calories there are in a meal at Taco Bell, I even have an app to tell me where the nearest public restroom is!  I made sure to download the Zippo Lighter app for the Over the Rhine concert on Monday night, a girl has got to be prepared!  So tonight I am going to be making stuffed pork chops with a recipe I found on my app, if only there was an app that made the dinner for you and did the dishes!