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Productivity March 16, 2009

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Wow, it’s amazing how good you feel after a productive weekend. All these random things that have been nagging on us for months and in one day almost all of them are completed! Though I don’t feel like I got much of a weekend because of it, it’s nice to not have to think about them all the time. Especially when it’s things like pick up the poop in the back yard! The only thing I have that did not get completed was the hang up the wedding pictures. I got them framed this weekend, but then we realized we had no hardware to hang them! Wow, this is an exciting post, huh?


Take the Necessary Precautions March 6, 2009

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So quick fast forward. I am in a new job working for Winners Circle. I love it, I’m a program coordinator there. Basically, we work with getting Corporate Volunteers in to work with kids k-6th grade on setting goals for math, reading, and citizenship. However, if we don’t have enough volunteers on a particular day, then we get to fill in. Yesterday I meet one on one with kids in 6 different classrooms! My final one was a 1st grade class… I should probably back up… we had beautiful weather in Omaha yesterday, so I was wearing short sleeves. So the psoriasis on my arms is exposed, obviously I did not consider the fact that I might be working with little kids! So I walk into the class to introduce myself and before I even got my name out one little girl asked what happened to my arms, I of course do not try to go into explaining what an autoimmune disease is to a 6 year old. So I just tell them how I got the scars origonally, which is that I was bike riding and fell off my bike and skinned up my arms badly and it’s still healing. Without skipping a beat, a little boy asks me in a somewhat accusatory way “You took off your training wheels, didn’t you?” How can you not love that!?! Next time, take the necessary precautions, keep the training wheels on!