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Traditions November 17, 2008

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I can not believe how quickly this year has gone!  It’s almost time for the holidays!  Todd and I were just talking yesterday about how we need to have some traditions that are ours.  Especially since now that we are splitting holidays between our families, we will not get to spend the holidays at home, but we’d like to do something at home that is just us.  So far Todd’s suggestion is that we should watch the corresponding Peanuts holiday movie.  (Do they have a Peanuts Thanksgiving?)  I love traditions.  Like in my family my parents always bought us a board game that we would open on Christmas Eve to play (and I think keep us kids distracted from constantly saying “can we open gifts yet?”) typically until dinner.  As a result, my parents game cupboard is PACKED with games.  Another favortie of mine as a kid was we would go to my Grandparents farm for Christmas Eve night where all my billions of anuts, uncles, and cousins would be to have a big meal, open gifts from the grandparents and then all the kids would go to the second floor and look out all the windows and watch for Rudolph.  I especially liked it on the nights when there was snow on the ground, just seemed so perfect.  Suddenly there was rudolphs nose!  BRIGHT RED and flying down a field!  We would then all run downstairs in hopes we would catch Santa Clause but to no avail.  He was too quick for us but he left our gifts on the poorch for us to open.  Years later I was let in on the secret that every year one of my uncles would take a flashlight with a red sock out to the field and go running and hope they did not trip over anything in the pitch black!  (one year rudolph did hit a snow drift… that can’t be fun).  I also loved going to the church for Mass on Christmas and everyone dressed in their best.  The nativity scene I think was my favorite.   I love traditions, because to me, those are some of the memories I hold most dear.


2 Responses to “Traditions”

  1. Nicole Garner Says:

    Okay…. the whole rudolph in the field thing is absolutely histerical!!! I love it!

  2. Sandy Mann Says:

    Anthony and I have been talking about traditions as well. We haven’t come up with any yet, but we hope to soon.

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