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Happy Halloween October 28, 2008

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Todd and I carved pumpkins.  I don’t think he was that excited about it at first, but after we got going he had a lot of fun!  It all started because I found a Pirates of the Caribbean pattern book on clearance at Target (they also had Disney princesses, but somehow I was pretty sure Todd wouldn’t go for that one).    Since Todd loves POTC, (it’s his favorite Disneyland ride) I thought I should get it.  Now, you may think that using a pattern is cheating, but let me tell you, that pirate ship was NOT an easy process.  But we were very pleased with the results!


Motivation… October 27, 2008

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I need to get stuff done around the house, but just can’t seem to get myself there.  I really think everyone should be allowed a few hooky days every year where you don’t have to do anything… on top of that you should be bestowed a magic snap.  With this snap you can get the house to clean itself, organize, cook your meals, and exercise for you as well, perhaps even walk the dog and catch up emails as well?  Oh well, one day perhaps, one day…


The Aftermath… October 20, 2008

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So yesterday Colon Powell endorsed Barak Obama.  I heard this morning that a number of other former secretaries of state (somewhere around 4 give or take?) have endorsed John McCain, however I can not find a source (this is what happens when I watch the today show while brushing my teeth, you only hear about half the story!).  Personally, I do not feel that the race is won yet, even though the Powell endorsement is a big blow to the McCain campeign.  Here’s what I have been thinking about.  What is the attitude of the country going to be afterwards?  Will those that are backing the candidate that looses all threaten to leave the country? (A very mature option, I wish I could say I had not said it in reference to if Barak won the race but I did.  However, since then I have realized that this is about the most un-American thing a person can do who participates in the political process.)  Or just pout the whole time?  Will those that backed the winner be throwing it in everyone face?  Or will the golden rule be enforced on both sides?  Will each side come together and support the president?  So far both speak of unity, while at the same time tearing down their opposing party, and anyone who says the guy they are backing does not spend at least the same amount of time going negative as they do going positive is fooling themselves.  And what is going to happen when all the things the new president has promised he will do does not get fulfilled?  Just going to point the finger?  The lack of support from the opposing side?  The past incidents?  I’m going to propose we do something really crazy.  Let’s try supporting our country again!  That does not mean that if you do not agree with the moral values of the incoming president or feel that the president is not doing something the way you deem appropriate that you still support his idea.  No, you speak up!  You tell him what you think about it.  But just ripping the candidates apart on things such as ageism or raceism, or on things that do not really matter (like the houses that McCain owns, or the fact that Obama’s wife ordered steamed lobster and Irianian caviar and all this other crazy stuff in a meal most of us will never have… or perhaps want to… caviar, ick!  And yet they still both say they are an every day regular person.)  How about we actually try to support eachother?  Not saying I have been perfect, but that does not mean we can’t move in a good direction now.  Just a thought…  Also, if someone has something that is UNBIASED that actually says what the stances each candidate has on each thing, I’d sure apprecate it, send it my way!


Change of… who knows October 12, 2008

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So Todd and I had a conversation again today about… what else… politics.  We have been trying hard to listen to both left and right wing media (which means fox for the right and everything else for the left).  However, I decided I did not feel comfortable with my last post.  If you did not see it, disregard that last comment, if you did see it, though my opinion on the topic has not changed, my need to let everyone else know has changed.  I have realized that either side (and the libertarian side for that matter, just to acknowledge those friends as well) can spin things the way they want them to be spun.  What it really amounts to when it comes to this election is what do you believe, and which candidate best represents your needs?  BUT, I have also been convicted to realize that it is just one person, how about our local representation?  A president can’t change everything.  And this is nothing against Obama, but here’s the deal, any president will bring change.  Trying to say he’s the one who coined the phrase is like Donald Trump saying he has the rights to You’re Fired.  I’m not saying he’s not a visionary, he may very well be, but give up on the change, it’s a given we need some fresh ideas in there.  And not because president Bush failed, I don’t think anyone could have came out of 911, Katrina, the aid we lent to the Tsunami victims, I mean goodness, how many more big tragedies have happened in that time, no matter what, no one would have came out of that a winner.  And hind sight’s 20/20.  None of the candidates are Bush, none of them have his exact plans in mind.  But neither have done a great job of telling us what they will do, it’s easy to tell us what they won’t do, but the WILL DO’s, are so vague, on BOTH sides.  Dig a bit though if you have not listened to FOX news radio try it for a few days.  If that’s all you listen to, try another news station and see what they have to say.  I overheard a conversation the other day for someone who wanted to volunteer for a particular campeign, they asked if she’d be willing to talk to people one on one regarding that particular candidate, but she said she did not feel she knew enough about the campeign.  I understand that, there is information that some people bring up that I may not know about, but I guess I also think if you are that confident that you want to go promote the candidate, you should know what the candidate stands for.  Todd just told me about ACORN, if someone asked me about that, I would not have a clue what they were talking about.  So I’m not trying to say I know all or anything of the sort… I dunno, I guess I just feel very passionate about this election, and I don’t think I know all the answers, but I do think that where we are right now, there are a lot of people we are voting for that are going to be playing an important role in our future.  Is anyone else as worried about this election as I am?  Did anyone actually read to the bottom of this post or decide I’m just a wind bag and stopped reading after 3 lines?


Early Christmas Gifts… October 9, 2008

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So I was home this weekend to watch the Harvest of Harmony Parade (and if I can figure out how to get those pictures off of my cell phone, I will share them with you!) and my parents gave Todd and I an early Christmas gift.  They apparently bought it for us a while back, but decided after all our little projects like plumming and deck building they decided we might need it a little sooner.  If you have no figured out what it is yet, it’s the Better Homes and Gardens Big Book of Home How-To.  Yes, our first homeowner book!  Sadly, I find it quite interesting.  It has information on how to do everything from installing cabinets to building your own to how to fix a thermostat.  I learned the other day how to add wrap around shelves!  Do we have a need for them?  Probably not, but if someone else needs to know, I’m your girl!