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Good things come… July 29, 2008

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So I finally got the call from City Sprouts.  I am officially the Director!!!  It’s very exciting to me, especially after a rough two months of job hunting!  Todd was cute yesterday, he said “Things are really looking up for us!  You got a new job…we bought a lawnmower…” end of list, it was funny, but it’s true, just those two things in themselves I think made our week, probably our month!  The job should be fun but challenging, and the fact that I found a used lawnmower for a price we could afford was just awesome.  Kind of that feeling of accomplishment, of knowing that our needs will be meet in due time, (I know, it’s a lawnmower, but work with me!) that we truly are covered and God’s got a plan, a timing of things.  Such as the Health Department offering me my job back they day after I accepted the job at Sprouts.  (Yep, they called today to offer me my job back!).  But having a peace knowing that I don’t belong at the Health Department.  It may be raining and gloomy outside my window, but inside there’s not a cloud in sight.  Soak it up, Kate, soak it up!


Signs that you have waited too long to mow your lawn… July 24, 2008

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1. Found one of Zoe’s (our dog) chew toys that we thought was gone.

2. The mower dies a minimum of two times every pass

3. There was enough time between the last time I mowed and this time for a bunny to build a nest in our backyard, give birth two 4 babies, and them to be almost 2 weeks old (I was told if they are the size of a twinkie they are 2 weeks old, these were more the double-stuffed twinkie size!  Apparently our dog is not quite the tracker she likes to lead us to believe when she is out at the park! 🙂


Ode to a Rotisserie Chicken July 21, 2008

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So I must say, when the Grocery Stores first started putting out Rotisserie Chickens, I was a little nervous about them.  Or maybe just felt silly for some reason buying it, something about it felt wrong to me, and I really don’t know why.  Thankfully I got over it and now buy a rotisserie chicken at least once a month, it’s great if you can get it as the stores are closing because then you get the buy one get one free and really save some cash on it.  And in the summer time not heating up the house with an over is an added incentive!  And, if Todd and I restrain ourselves, we can manage to get 5 servings out of a chicken, but sometimes it’s 4.  If you get five servings out of it, and don’t eat the skin (hello, ick!?!?!) it’s about 205 calories a serving, add some veggies to the side and perhaps a slice of whole wheat bread and you have a tasty dinner for 5 for less than $10 total!  But I have been trying to come up with some new ideas for uses of rotisserie chicken other than straight chicken and veggies and then using the rest of what’s left for chicken soup.  Today, I found one that was super good out of the good ole “Real Simple Magazine” Todd was a little worried at first, but after eating it went back for seconds!


3tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, 2.5-3 pounds rotisserie chicken, sliced, 2 Kirby cucumbers, sliced into thin half moons (I love my salad shooter for this!) 1/2 small sweet onion, thinly sliced, 2 tablespoons fresh dill

mix and divide between 4 flat breads (or pitas, or tortillas probably?) and add 1/8 cup nonfat yogurt to each pita, fold and enjoy!

So, anyone else have a good use for a rotisserie chicken they care to share???


The Woes of Training July 9, 2008

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Wow, so I started training for the Pub job.  First of all did you know that Pub is short for Public Houses?  I thought that was interesting, I did not learn that from the gig, I just saw it on-line somewhere and thought that was interesting.  Moving on… the first day I learned the computer system.  If not for the fact that I have waited tables in the past I would have almost broke down and cried.  It’s just very overwhelming to start out.  Not only that, but this is a very old system that is very sensitive and yet at the same time not sensitive at all.  You touch something on the screen and it does not do anything, you touch it again, still nothing, a third time… OK, now it picked the thing you wanted but 2 other things as well.  ACK!  Then there is the drinks.  To me a Manhattan should be under cocktails, nope, not where it is.   And lets say you don’t want chicken on the salad?  Well, if you are on the salad screen there is a little “no” button.  Click on it, it gives you a bunch of options of things the person may not want, chicken is not one of them.  So what you have to do is back out of the screen, go to “sandwiches” and find the chicken button under the “no” of that screen.  If you are confused by this explanation, trust me, you can multiply it by 50 and come close to my confusion!  But, I remember working in Lincoln in the Hay Market trying to learn the computer systems and how frustrating it was to learn but once I did it was a breeze.  I’m just hoping I feel the breeze soon!  Yesterday was supposed to be my first day on the floor, but it was so slow that they sent me home before a table was even seated.  Sad day.  Hopefully today will be busier and I will learn the ropes!


A Glimmer of Hope is Sometimes All You Need July 6, 2008

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So I have two very promising job prospects and I am going to be waiting tables in the mean time.   I think it was in a Max L book or something like that where he says “it’s good to feel wanted”.  It sure is, it sure is!