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What to do when you have nothing to do June 11, 2008

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So this is week two of job hunting.  It’s kind of a strange place to be in.  My job position has no begining, no end, not even a really good “place to stop for now”.  It’s the nature of the job, and I am ok with that, almost crave it.  The opportunity to constantly tweak it, it’s what I LOVE to do, fiddle with stuff.  But when you know your time in the position is coming to and end, it’s hard to know what to do.  People in the office find it strange that I am trying to get things put together for the person who basically took my job (for the record, it was her chioce.  If you wanted to look at it in an immature way she basically got her toy taken from her, pointed at me playing with mine and said “I wan’t that!” and oddly enough they took mine from me and gave it to her) But I’m really not that offended by her.  Or hurt by her.  It’s not like I plan to slash her tires when I find out who it is or anything  of the sort.  All this to say, when you have nothing else to do, what other options do I have?  You can only re-read the same want ads each day so many times before it’s truly a depressing thing, and the news is really not any better.  Great, Jessica Alba had her baby, so did Tori Spelling, and apparently some crazy in Texas says the world is ending tomorrow.  I guess if that was the case this whole job search thing is in vain, huh?  So I might as well keep my chin up, continue to try to make the transition of me leaving the job and the new girl starting the job as easy as possible and pray that an even better job comes my way!  It’s happened more than once, it can happen again!


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