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Anyone Got a Good Lemonade Recipe? June 3, 2008

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So on Friday I got tossed a big batch of lemons.  I have been laid off.  My position has not been eliminated, instead, someone elses job has been eliminated and since they have more seniority than I do (as in, they have been working for the Health Department longer than I have been alive) they get my job.  I have mixed feelings about how that whole thing went down, but either way, I am out of a job.  As far as having a new job goes, I’m cool with that.  I enjoyed my job, but it was not my life, nor did I ever hope it would be.  I work to live, not live to work.  And the possibility of having a job that I might get to move around a little more and not just be perched in front of a computer from 8-5 sounds nice!  But I still have to FIND that job.  And job hunting for myself is not a favorite activity of mine.  So I have the lemons, a little sugar, but I still have not figured out the lemonade recipe.  If someone has one, please share it with me!!!


One Response to “Anyone Got a Good Lemonade Recipe?”

  1. adetrich Says:

    Ask Andrea – her roommate made a disasterous batch of lemonade…maybe she’ll have some tips. 🙂

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