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FURminator May 29, 2008

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OK, so the thing I really don’t like about pets is the shedding!  It drives me CRAZY!  Up until yesterday our car with black interior looked more yellow than black!  2 rounds of the mega vac at the gas station and I told Todd we needed to do something before we put the pooch back in the Fit.  Enter: The FURminator!  We had a rake for the dog, and this rubber thing too, we used both of those last night for a good 20 mintues and she was STILL shedding!  So we went and got this insanely priced thing that looks like a rake with a bike grip on it.  Can I just tell you… we (I mostlly, Todd was studying) spend another 20 mintues on the dog and got out about double what we did with the two of us working with the old rake and rubber fur gripper thingie.  Needless to say, the dog is no longer shedding!  I have a feeling we will have to be doing this daily for a good little while, but if it means most of the fur ends up in the garbage instead of on the car seats and the carpet, I’ll do it!


Prest-O Change-O May 24, 2008

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So Todd and I left yesterday with a window that looked like this:


By the time we got home, our window looked like THIS:

Yeah for new windows!  Only thing is there’s about a 5 foot drop now, so our next project will be getting a deck on the back, but we are inching closer to having backyard access from the house (that’s not the garage!)


I Want a New Drug… May 23, 2008

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Gotta love Huey Louis, right?  Well, I have a new drug.  As many of you know I had to Kick the habit.  The caffeine habbit.  Who knew that the little energy-supplying marvel was in ingredient in the headaches that were virtually bringing me to my knees?  I used to get headaches when I didn’t get it, somewhere in the mix it has reversed itself in my body.  The problem is, I don’t choose to drink coffee for its perking effects.  I drink it because… I like the taste!  Not only that, but there is something theraputic about just sitting at my desk with my hands wrapped around a cup.  Feeling it warm my throat as I drink it in, since I have been chronically congested for who knows how long, it’s only stong odors like coffee that I can still smell.  It awakens my senses in so many ways.  I drink it straight up-Grandpa Style, I drink it with milk and sugar-Office style, On warm days I will even drink it carmel slushy form-Jr High girl style!  And now I have no coffee style.  For the most part I usually do ok.  Even though the coffee pot is conviently located in my office and a new pot is brewed every day.  I have to look longingly as person after person comes in with their shiny coffee cup to pour another cup o joe, knowing I am fortunate just go get to SMELL the fumes that come off that cup.  But the other day I ran out of my tea bags and just could not take it anymore.  I needed SOMETHING that reminded me of my coffee days.  In a panic I ran down to the Scooters that is less than a block from my office (though I have to cross two streets to get there, which can be dangerous when you are in the state I was in) I scoured the menu, trying to think of something that might do the trick, that is also somewhat nice to me calorie wise.  I considered a decaf drink, but I was afraid the taste would push me right off the wagon.  I considered the splenda drinks, but they just don’t work for me when it comes to coffee. I needed high fructose corn syrup dang it!  So finally out of no other optinos that sounded remotely good I decided to go with warm skim milk with caramel (otherwise known as a steamer or caramel hot chocolate sans chocolate.)  Disappointed I didn’t even begin drinking it until I got back to my building.  I wanted coffee, but I got this… this… thing.  But then I took a sip.  Huh, not too bad.  And another.  Suddenly I felt the tension in me melt.  I don’t know if it was just the throwback to being a child again when my mom would make me warm milk before bed or getting to drink out of a paper cup and plastic lid that seemed like a comfort from the past.  But it worked!  Its too much to get every day, but at least its nice to know I have an antidote on the days I just need that extra something.  If you are in my situation, I recommend you give it a try!


Little Guy is Growing Up… May 20, 2008

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OK, so not really.  But today is Todd’s first day of school.  Not first day of school ever, but first day of his masters class.  He’s a little nervous about how much work it’s going to be, but I think generally excited.  He has already read four chapters of his text book, so cute.

So you know how I recently posted about becoming a one car family — way to go, Ranae, on joining the club too!  🙂 — well, now we are considering getting a scooter when we sell the Civic.  They are quite cheap (the one Todd’s been looking at is well under $3,000… I think… or it might be right around $3,000) and get GREAT gas mileage.  A family we know down the street, the Perry’s have one and we see Nate driving around on it from time to time.  And they get 90 mpg!!!  So Todd could drive it to class and to work most likely, we could even car pool on the scooter!  I just need to make sure my hair style looks ok with helmet head!  Who knows, something to dream about, right?


Random Early Morning Thoughts… May 14, 2008

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So this morning as I arrived to work, I do my usual ritual, fill up my glass with water, turn on my computer and go to the restroom.  So I don’t know if other people are this way, but I have a specific stall that if empty it’s the one I usually go to, I don’t know why, I just always do.  It happens to be the one at the far end, the handicap stall (speaking of handicapped, did you see the guy with one leg compete on American Gladiators on Monday?  He didn’t win, but I admire his drive.) anyway, back to the stall.  I started thinking about it.  Why is the handicapped stall always the furthest away from the door?  Parking stalls are the best example I can come up with, they are always the closest to the door.  I realize that designing a bathroom where handicapped stalls are first might be difficult, but people bend over backwards to make sure a building is handicap accessable, why is the bathroom any different?  Now keep in mind, I am not trying to say they need to change this, it just occurred to me this morning and was wondering if anyone else had ever thought about it.  That and why they don’t ticket me for using a handicapped bathroom stall when I am not handicapped (at least by their definition!)  Now THAT would be funny!


Our Dog Zoe May 12, 2008

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So I am finally going to post some pictures of our little pup. Zoe has actually been a lot of fun for us. Aside from us having to bust her out of the clink once and a few “accidents” on the floor. She has been a lot of entertainment. I think Todd and I have both decided a full grown dog is the only way to go! Puppies are cute and all, but for the amount of work to cuteness ratio, they do not compare to having a dog over the age of 1. Zoe is just over 1, but still it counts. She likes to be around people, but generally speaking she’s pretty chill. And becoming more chill by the day! However, we are still working with her on not immediately tearing out the squeaker from the stuffed toys we give her. She turned her octopus into a pentapus… but as long as she does not turn any of my heels into flats, she can tear her toys to pieces, I don’t care!


Joining the Club May 9, 2008

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So, my friends Sandy and Anthony sold one of their cars and became a one car family.  At first I thought that just seemed like something that I just could never do!  Then Todd’s brakes needed to be fixed on his car.  Because finances are tight right now, we have just garaged his car and are driving in one car, though tricky, we have found that it really can work if  you plan things right.  Of couse, the fact that Todd and I work so close together helps too.  So Todd and I have random loans that still need to get paid off, the last of my school loan, a small amount we still owe at NFM on our sectional that we want to get paid off before it starts to charge interest, my car, and Todd’s car.  So we started thinking, and realized that we can make a decent profit on Todd’s car.  And as luck would have it, my car has a cool thing (I’m sure other car companies offer this too) that when you buy from them they will give you a free loaner car when your car is getting repaired (and my full bumper to bumper warranty goes for 10 years or 100,000 miles!) so with all of this in mind, we have decided we are going to become a one car family, that will eliminate the payment we have to make to Todd’s car, the insurance we have on that car, and we will be able to pay off everything but my car and Todd’s school loans with the profits!  Woohoo!!!  Which means all the money we were paying toward those loans we can now put toward the last two loans and really get things taken care of, which would be just great.  And then hopefully by next year we will be starting a savings account for another car and can just pay cash for it!  My parents have done that for their last three cars, I just think it’s such a great idea.  Anyway, we were talking to a few other friends, Mary and Myles over darts (by the way, darts might be something I will be getting more into, so much fun!) and they are thinking about doing the same thing too!  Perhaps it’s a sign of the times?  Way back when it was extravagant to have ONE car, then two car’s was over the top, then 2 cars became the norm, and sometimes a family of 2 would have 3 cars!  Now it’s going back to 1 car families again.  I realize not everyone can do this for multiple reasons.  But I would encourage everyone to at least take a moment to seirously consider the possibility!  Thanks Sandy and Anthony for the inspiration!