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Just My Luck April 30, 2008

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So today I was trying to eat healthy.  I made a sandwich with bread I made last night (I made rolls too! Look out Betty Crocker!) and I also had a cup of applesauce.  Unfortunately, I managed to eat both of those things before lunch even came, so for lunch I had a snack bag of popcorn that I happened to have sitting at my desk.  Which held me over until about… now.  I finally after ignoring hunger pains for a good 30 mintues (I know, no willpower what so ever!) I grabbed a stray dollar I found in my purse and headed down stairs to the vending machine.  I looked around at the healthier rice cakes and such, but nothing quite fit the hungar I had.  Then I saw it Twix has a new candy bar called Twix Java.  Oh man, perfect.  Location D-14.  So I start to push the buttons D-1-…wait a second my quarter already came throught the change return.  I look in horror as I realize my mistake.  There is a button that is just “14” not 1 and then 4.  So instead I get what is in vending slot D-1, Sinckers with almonds.  My friend Sandy is a diehard snickers girl, but I think even this would be too DIFFERENT for her.  I’m sorry, I just don’t like sinckers with almonds, perhaps they created it for people with allergies to peanuts?  Either way, a girls gotta eat.  So that’s what I did, ate it while dreaming of that a Twix Java is like… Sigh…


One Year Older… April 24, 2008

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Today I turn 29.  For another 11 months Todd and I are a year apart.  So much has happened in one year.  Last year at this time I was a brand new HD employee.  Todd and I just started dating.  In the last year I moved 3 times.  I became a homeowner.  In the last year I went from single to married.  I went from a Cook to a Card.  I became an aunt for the 3rd time.  I installed my first sink.  I got to visit a tropical island.  I went backpacking.  I fell in love.  I got a dog… twice!  I bought my first brand new car.  I went to Disney Land!  Looking back I realize it has been a good year.  I crazy year, a stressful year,


Rain Rain, go away!!! April 21, 2008

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So this weekend the weather was BEAUTIFUL, Andrea “the weather girl” might want to take credit for that one!  Today, not so much.  This weekend was filled with lots of yard work, including trying to take over the back yard overgrowth that has happened beyond the fence line bailing our pup from the pound, and a early b-day party for myself and our friend Anthony (aka Tony Bob).  We also got wood for our deck!  WOOHOO!!!  We have become spending fiends!  The good thing is, other than bail money to get the pooch out of the clink, everything has been semi-planned for, and are all things that we have done research on and found the best deals possible.  I am so glad that my husband is as much of a penny pincher as I am!  The thing that will be hard for us is to not spend all our money on travel!  But, if we get our backyard to a point where we can enjoy time out there maybe it will hold us at bay a little more on the whole travel thing (probably not, but we can dream, right?)  I (as I’m sure many do) would love to have a little haven in the back yard.  A place for the hammock, some shade, fragrant flowers (that are far enough away from me to not trigger my allergies!) kind of a European feel to it.  Of course, this will take more than one summer to complete, but if we can at least get the deck, a hammock and perhaps all the grass to be growing in the yard, I think we will feel it was a successful year!  Anyone else have any summer home inprovement goals?


The Perfect Day To Carpool April 17, 2008

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So Todd and I try to carpool as much as possible. But today he has to work until 8:00, and I have to go to Lincoln, and just the combination of the two events made us carpooling today pretty much impossible. Since he does have to work late, he decided to sleep in today as well. As I am leaving the house he asks if I want him to follow me so he can pick me up from my car and drive me to my office. (Yes, he is very sweet, I know) I told him that it was ok, first, it seemed excessive, especially with the gas prices right now, and that he need not worry, I had on my trusty Marmot rain jacket and the Union Pacific umbrella that Ranae “gave” to me (not sure if she is expecting I give it back or not, but that’s another story…)

So as usual, I am having my morning talk with my mom and get out of the car, properly opening the umbrella as I get out so as to minimize the amount of time I am not sheltered from the rain, cell phone tucked between my shoulder and my ear. Between trying to control the umbrella, hold my cell phone, and fight the rain, by the time I got to the office I was soaked from the knee down. I have a presentation in Lincoln this afternoon, so the bet now is will Kate’s pants be dry by then or not? I’m thinking no. But glad the UP came to save my hair! Thanks to the umbrella my hair is still nice and straight. Wind blown? Yes. Wet? No way! Next time I just might take Todd up on his offer!


Powerful April 14, 2008

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OK, so most anyone who reads this blog knows me, and therefore knows that I spend some time living among the poor in Galati, Romania.  Robin, who is pictured with Bogdan, a “street boy” who is actually the same age as me (which means not so much a boy) still lives there and works among the poor.  This was in her prayer letter from this month, and I felt it was quite powerful.


Because the majority of Christians in Romania are Orthodox, Easter is celebrated according to the Orthodox calendar, this year falling on April 27th. And truly, this year more than before, I am reminded of our desperate need for salvation, and the power of Christ’s resurrection, our victory over death.
I felt like I had my own walk to Golgotha this week.
I have mentioned a particular young mother in previous writings. Lucia and her two babies have been the focus of much prayer, heartache, and tears over the past year. We have wept for the suffering and neglect of Lucia’s children. We have we cried out to God to free Lucia’s captive mind from lies and replace them with the knowledge of her true identity as a daughter of the King. We have felt powerless staring in the eyes of injustice, facing the corruption and apathy of those appointed with the power to intervene (like the child protection department).
On Wednesday, April 9th, my friend Ana and I stood by Lucia as she buried her youngest child. This little girl, Andreea, was to turn 1 year old this week. She died at home from bronchitis and pneumonia.
“This is what God wanted,” several family members have told us.
Yes, God allowed it to happen, but I hardly believe that this was his original plan. I think God wanted Andreea to be honored, cherished, and loved. God wanted her to be fed and nourished. God wanted her to be bathed, to be looked in her eyes, to be given her medicines, to be rocked in someone’s arms. But instead she was neglected. She fought for a year against all odds…against the spirits of apathy and fatalism that plague her family, against the fact that her young mother didn’t have anyone to model motherhood for her, against poverty, mental illness, and racism. Finally sickness overcame her tiny body. God answered our cries for mercy, but not in the way I had hoped.
Ana and I joined the small funeral procession that followed Andreea’s body on the long walk from the church to the cemetery outside the opposite side of the city. Though Ana & I walked side by side, we were speechless that hour…..disgusted and heartbroken to witness that day how even in her death, just as in her life, Andreea was not honored.
My feet and heart ached. Making our way outside the city, we finally turned into the cemetery and passed beautiful headstones where widows planted flowers and cleared away dead brush. I felt that they mocked me. I wanted so desperately to believe that someone would care for flowers over Andreea’s grave.
We took a turn off the sidewalk onto a dirt path that appeared to lead outside the cemetery. Ana quietly told me that this is where the poor are buried. The steel factory spreading long across the horizon filled the sky with smoke and fumes. Instead of the marble or cement headstones, wooden crosses poked out of fresh piles of earth.
Walking up that dirt road towards Andreea’s grave, I thought of Jesus. He too, was innocent. He too was led to a place of disgrace outside the city. He too was mocked even in his final hours.
My friend reminded me later that day how on His way to the cross, Jesus said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children.” Luke 23:28
And so we weep for the mothers and for our children. We weep, testifying that things are not as they should be. We follow the crowd to Golgotha, weeping, because evil has ruled over us, leading us to crucify even the innocent. As Christians, as “little Christs,” we follow him to the cross.
As I write, we are still awaiting to celebrate Easter in Romania. And the grief is still so fresh that in a way it feels like we are in that second day, between Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.
But tomorrow, on the third day, Jesus rises from the dead. He has conquered even death!
Though we mourn Andreea’s death, bearing witness to this heart wrenching event, hopelessness and despair do not overtake us. Planted within us is a deeper joy, because as followers of Christ, we also share in the hope of the resurrection. Andreea is made whole and this world neglects and mocks her no more. She has a full belly, lungs that breath easy, the strength to giggle, and the knowledge that she is a beloved daughter of God.
Hristos a Înviat. Adevărat a Înviat.
Christ is Risen. He is Risen Indeed.
*Lucia’s name was changed to protect her identity

My Big Redneck Wedding April 10, 2008

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So yesterday Lindsay had a My Big Redneck Wedding party.  Many dressed redneck, we all brought redneck food and drink.  Tator tot casserole, fried chicken, coctail weenies, pork rinds, budweiser, Texas Toast, HeeHaw and Diet RC, and of course, a twinkie cake!  I must say, it was quite a site to see.  Makes me wich I had seen the show before my wedding so I could have gotten some tips.  Greased pig chase, BRILLIANT!  Why didn’t I think of that!  However when a bride and her ‘maids were shopping in Wal-Mart and one bridesmaid commented on how the brides choice of camo pants and shirt for the maids to wear as wedding wear was “very classic”… I was starting to think maybe they had lost touch with reality!


Sick of Being Sick… April 9, 2008

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Sooo… I have pretty much been sick since I got married.  Perhaps I am allergic to it?  NO!  Pretty sure that’s not the case.  But I did go into the doc a few weeks ago and got antibiotics for an ear infection, then went in yesterday and gave four more vials of blood.  Not so much fun, but if they give me a diagnosis, I’ll be happy!  I also went to get my eyes checked, see if that’s what is causing my headaches, the answer is, not really.  I don’t think eating eggs banana and homemade wheat bread can do it, and I’m drinking plenty of water.  They are also checking to see if I am pregnant (GASP!) if I am, I’m going to demand a refund from nuva ring!  Let’s just hope that is not the case.  Don’t get me wrong, I want kids, but I’d prefer celebrating my first anaversary childless… and pregnantless for that matter!